Florida fresh homegrown mango, just picked from the tree, is absolutely delicious. No comparison with commodity mangoes sold in supermarkets. It’s wonderful to have a friend with a Mango Tree in her front yard here on West Coast of Florida and is generous in sharing.

The Mango Cutter takes a bit of learning.  Simply cut off one end so that it stands flat, then allgn the cutter as shown in the video, thanks to Sur La Table. https://youtu.be/CF-tENYVEB8  Does not work on overly ripe mangoes.  Actually in the Caribbean, Mango seeds are prized to be slurpped clean of the fruit and juice. 

The Mango tree full of fruit almost looks like a decorated Christmas tree—nature’s own odd-shaped bulbs.

More than Mango Salsa for topping grilled fish, I have more to discover with my remaining Mangoes. 


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