Daily exercises in the pool can get somewhat boring—all that counting! However, the exciting answer was a pair of waterproof headphones. Next was choosing audible books from Libby, available with my local library card.

Passers-by  at the condo pool around 9 AM,  most likely wonder at my occasional smiles as I jog across the pool ten times. It’s lately due to Stanley Tucci’s autobiography, Taste.

Of course, you can read the book.  But to hear Stanley Tucci speak his “Life Through Food” is better than dessert after dinner. 

The main course consists of family meal memories and recipes with a side order of humor, along with an obvious love of eating most things Italian.  

The almost laugh-out-loud chapter involves the giving and receiving of hostess gifts in his family.  You just have to hear Stanley act out each family member’s eccentricities.

You can also catch Stanley Tucci, his food curiosities and travels on CNN for the second season.  https://www.cnn.com/shows/stanley-tucci-searching-for-italy


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