Pasta Grabber and Grater

Ever visit a kitchen store and find a new gadget you never saw before?  Well,  gadget cook I am— so I bought this tool. Unfortunately,  it has been overlooked in my drawer for a year.  Finally used it the other day, and I am amazed.   Grabs a decent amount of pasta as a serving tool, then turns over and it’s a Parm grater.  The grandkids love it!

Looking it up on the web,  I see it is officially called Sagaform Stainless Steel Multifunction Pasta Server.  Don’t you think my title is better?

Pasta Grabber/Grater and Quinoa Tomato Pasta

Pasta Grabber/Grater and Quinoa Tomato Pasta

pasta grabber and grater

Pasta Grabber/Grater with Parm

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