Curious about a new item a few years ago in the grocery store “Olive Bar”, I did some research.

Peppadew is a trademarked name for small sweet piquant whole red pickled peppers, grown in the Limpopo province of the South African Bush.  Discovered by businessman and farmer, Johan Steenkamp in 1997, these peppers are processed according to a patented process to remove the very hot seeds, then pickled in a sugary/vinegary liquid.

They have a sweet flavor and a hot finish that does not last long.  Perfect for stuffing

Stuffing these colorful peppers with fresh tiny mozzarella balls that have been soaked in pesto, makes for an appealing presentation and a tasty appetizer.  They have a slight hot finish which dissipates quickly.

Find them in supermarket deli bars, in jars in the pickle aisle or, of course, on Amazon. (The jars weigh 14 ounces and contain about 32 peppers.)

Stuffed Peppedew Pepper Pick-ups

Makes 12 (easily doubled or tripled).

12 peppadews, drained

12 small fresh mozzarella balls, “ciliegine”

2 tablespoons jarred pesto

12 small fresh basil leaves chopped

Place peppadews on several layers of paper towel and drain well. Remove any seeds from inside any pepper bottom.

Cut a small slit in each side of the pepper so that the mozzarella ball will slide in easier.   Using a very small spoon, pick up a “pestoed” mozzarella ball and stuff into the pepper.   Have patience.

When all the peppers are filled, place on serving plate  that has been lined with shredded lettuce or spinach (so they won’t roll). Sprinkle with chopped basil and serve beside a small container of wooden picks.   If not serving right away,  cover and refrigerate until needed.

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Peppedew Pepper “cups” on Amazon


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