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#3 Chopped Almonds




Sometimes I just wish for a simple dessert that does not require mixing or baking ahead.  My friend Alice mentioned that this grape let-your-guests make-their own-dessert while still sitting around the dinner table, filled the bill for deliciousness and conversation.  She was right!  Only 3 simple ingredients + the toothpicks.

Weekday Quick Caramel Grapes
Wonderful to serve while seated at the table over conversation at the end of a soup meal.

1) Green Grapes, washed and let dry
2) Marzetti Old Fashioned Caramel Dip
3) Almonds, nicely ground in food processor
Place toothpick into each grape. Dip end of grape generously in caramel dip, then roll into the crushed almonds.  Eat!


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