Band Blast in Greensboro was the reason for the visit.  Since Roy was conducting, I was on my own to see the sights.

Band attendees were so welcoming and informative—they suggested a comfortable morning walk for me everyday. First day,  a flowery walk in Bog Park and Tanger Park. Next day a walk around the site of The Battle of Guilford Courthouse (“the largest battle of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign was fought at the small North Carolina backcountry hamlet of Guilford Courthouse, now Greensboro. The battle proved to be a turning point for British military operations in the Revolutionary War, since weakened Lord Cornwallis then went to Yorktown and  would surrender to the combined American and French forces under General George Washington.”) And the third day, I found the Friendly Shopping Center all by myself—quite the walking and shopping place, some stores in the same center were actually a drive.

Another day I visited the  Triad Farmers Market and tread he North Carolina State Magazine where I learned about German Johnson Tomatoes (the gardeners favorite in Greensboro) and Cherokee Purple Heirloom. Lots of great peaches and sample galore.

Restaurant recommend:  In the O.Henry Hotel, the Green Valley Grill has comfortable seating, open kitchen and wonderful menu choices.

BTW, check out your favorite O.Henry story after you read this, perhaps The Gift of the Magi or The Ransom of Red Chief??  William Sydney Porter was born in Greensboro.

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