El Charro Cafe—The original El Charro, founded in 1922, is the oldest Mexican restaurant in Tucson; the original owner, Monica Flin, is said to have invented the chimichanga. And… I believe she invented the original Smash Burger Taco also. elcharrocafe.com

The Menu at El Charro Cafe in downtown Tucson reads:
“Original “Charro Style” Beef Tacos. Tia Monica put these Tucson-style ground beef patty tacos on her menu 100+ years ago, with pan fried local corn tortilla and garnish of peas, radish, & mexican cheese”.

That is exactly what I ordered and did not disappoint.  Topped with what for me were the surprise veggies—the peas, and radishes. Of course,  I always have rice and beans alongside to dip into the always tasty, mostly made on the premises, corn chips.

Since we were celebrating, first, being in Tucson with family and secondly, Cinco de Maio,  I ordered the Natural Margarita @$14.—”The Natural, código blanco tequila, all natural agave nectar and lime.”  Nice tall glass, very light and tasty.  I had asked for a Classic Margarita which means to me— Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice. (I dislike the sour mix in most margaritas). Recommended by the waiter, this was a great substitute with my Charro Beef Taco.

To check out my comparison with today’s Smash Burger Taco on Tortilla, simply search on Google.  You will find many many recipes. which reading all make me hungry.  don’t forget to top with Veggies.







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