Staying in place for 3 nights and exploring the area.  Pine Mountain is a very cute tiny town with wonderful antique shops.  Below is a photo of a found art object for Roy’s next project????

First Surprise—our gas tank holds 55 gallons $$$$.  Next surprise—never much had the hots for Walmart but they are everywhere and sell everything.  We needed a cord for the IPad; they had it. We needed some ready-made salad kits; they had them.  We needed bottled water and diabetic sugar tablets; sure enough, we found them there in La Grange, Ga.

Sight seeing in La Grange surprised with the Hills and Dales Estate, a historic property of Fuller E. Callaway Foundation. (This in addition to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain.) Music event was rained out yesterday so we will miss the next Sunday event. Check out the gardens and descriptions of the Southern plantings on line.

The Chili—Frozen Black Bean Chili full of tomatoes and broccoli stems with a small amount of ground pork sausage.  Hit the spot on top of precooked basmati rice and topped off with fresh avocado and thin corn chips.  Oh boy, the dessert was Melissa Clark’s One Bowl Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with purchased icing (oops) —but really good.

Off to Warm Springs and FDR’s LIttle White House….




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