Lovely short ride from our campsite to Warm Springs where FDR built his southern white house after he first visited the warm sulfur springs (88 degrees) that helped him move his legs after contracting polio (at 39 years).  Very modest house with wonderful patio/porch; servants quarters with garage where his hand operated car was kept; and a guest quarters as well as small sentry huts for secret service and marine guards.

i was also interested in the kitchen and dishes—a few photos below.  His favorite meal was Country Captain.

He massively stroked while his portrait was being painted.  That portrait as well as the portrait the artist completed from memory is on display.

FDR’s body was transported to Washington DC by rail and large crowds of people saluted him all along the way. Very moving.  He was much loved by common people for whom he did so much.

Dinner:  Walk Away Ratatouille, prepared at home and frozen atop imported Italian pasta.  Really yum.   Pumpkin Walnut Bundt Cake slice for dessert (made at home and frozen).

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Daisy Bonner cooked on this stove for FDR in Warm Springs.

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