Of course, Montreal Bagels are famous.  We stopped at 2 bakeries, Real Bagels and St. Viateur ( https://www.stviateurbagel.com). Quite a production scene. Huge pile of dough,  cut into long ropes, shaped, dipped into honey water, baked in wood burning huge oven, then coated with various seeds.  Difference between Montreal and NY bagels: primarily, no salt.

Long walk back to hotel—stopped for Napoleon (strength) at Christian Fauvre****.https://maisonchristianfaure.ca

Many restaurants to choose from of course.  La Class at La Salle College proved to be a delicious experience and very affordable. https://www.lasallecollege.com and free parking in school garage.  Quite a feat in Montreal to find a place to park.

Big Problem:  Police blocking on lane of traffic across busy intersection.  Roy gets into intersection and cannot move forward.  Policeman gives him ticket for being in intersection when light changes.  Funny thing (but not really) after Policeman gives Roy a ticket, he pulls over the next person caught in the same intersection.  BEWARE tourists in Montreal.

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