Newish Nashville

Certainly a change since we were here last for a music manufacturers convention. Wow, were we surprised by our weekend night in Nashville on our way to Raleigh.  Scads of scooters—sitting on the sidewalks, running in the streets and scooting up the hill.  I stopped one millennial for instructions—he was also teaching his girlfriend how to ride up a slight hill.  We never did get an app and try.

Downtown Nashville was so crowded we only drove “the music row.”  Buildings in the photos are actually 3 and 4 stories of young folks having a good time drinking and listening to lots of different music—not just country.  How did we know?  Just driving by—quite loud and competing for each bar and hall on the row. Some drummers even setup with drum sets on the street.  Really the place to be on Saturday night with a scooter!!! Ate at a wonderful restaurant  Midtown Cafe in

Curious about the long lines at the restaurant close by, Hattie B’s, we were told it was the best Hot Chicken around. Definition of Nashville specialty: Nearly all hot chicken is marinated in buttermilk to impart flavor and to retain the meat’s juices upon frying. … A typical Nashville-style hot chicken spice paste has two key ingredients: lard and cayenne pepper.  YIKES!

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  1. Marie simmons August 3, 2019 at 12:47 pm #

    Ive been following your postcards. Fun. But what no BBQ ?

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