Near where we were staying and a reciprocal member of the American Horticultural Society, led us to visit Thono Chul one Sunday morning.  First approach to the Garden Bistro, a gentleman pointed to the ground and spoke about the KING Snake on the sidewalk.  The snake then ambled back into the fenced area.  Be still my heart!

On to Breakfast, where I ordered Dos Rancheros 15.5  Two Eggs*, Native Fry Bread, Ranchero & Tomatillo Sauces. Crispy Bacon, on top of 1/2 Seasonal Calabacitas and the other half I’itoi Onion Smashed Spuds.  YuM—enough for 2

Although Roy also ordered the Vanilla Yogurt Brulee 5.5 Gillespie Farms Granola, Seasonal Berries

On to the Gardens where we were in wonder over a Crested Sahuaro!! and another snake on the side walk—this time a rattle snake, being watched and guarded by 2 other visitors, awaiting a staff person.  The snake simply slid back into the fenced area.  BTW, they are the same color as the ground.  Lesson: watch where you walk.

Last but not least, if you go, save time for the fabulous gift shop.*****.