If you happen to be in west Texas area, July30,31 and August 7,2016, consider celebrating the town’s famous Cantalope.  I would love to see the Cantalope bombing….could not locate a photo.  Maybe someone will send?

“Cantaloupe (From USA Today

The Pecos Cantaloupe has a distinctive flavor created by the area’s sun and soil. The fruit was grown in garden patches in the area beginning in the 1880s, and in 1917, two men planted eight acres and sold the melons to the railroad to be served in dining cars. Demand grew for Pecos cantaloupe and notables like Helen Keller, President Eisenhower and President Johnson ordered fresh fruits for delivery. More than 2,000 acres are planted annually, and the cantaloupe is now an important crop in Pecos. A cantaloupe-cooking competition, a cantaloupe-decorating contest for children, and Night in Old Pecos and Cantaloupe Festival celebrate the fruit. As part of the festivities, pilots fly light aircraft into the Pecos Air Center to participate in the cantaloupe bombing challenge, which is followed by a pancake breakfast.”

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