Amazing how nostalgic this road is and so narrow by today’s standards.  Williams is the last town on Rt. 66 that was by passed by RT. 40 (mostly 75 mph).  Walked the street and bought a Rt. 66 T-shirt.

Stayed overnite in Windsor ( where the song Taking it Easy is immortalized on the corner with bronzes of Jackson Brown and Glenn Frey, writers.  Check out the Eagles singing on youtube and listen for the words, “standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.”

One of original Harvey Houses, La Posada, has been restored by Allen Affeldt and wife/artist Tina Mion.  Beautiful place with Tina’s paintings adorning many walls.  Restaurant, the Turquoise Room, is owned separately by Chef John Sharpe.    Menu features southwestern foods, even game.  I was too tired to enjoy a full dinner but tasted a couple appetizers. When I asked about a lunch portion, the answer was NO.

Katrina Parks, documentary maker, is creating film to feature the “Women of RT. 66”, since John Steinbeck called it the Mother Road and previous TV shows have only featured men.  Will be shown on PBS.  We saw previews at her presentation in Tucson.  Very Cool.


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